Anna Gibbs

Part 2: Saba Tales

Well, as time so often works, it was slow while it was happening, but looking back, it went incredibly fast. Though I savored each moment of my time on Saba, I can’t believe that my two weeks on the island are already over. By the time I left last Saturday morning, I had already promised […]

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love story

nature, ash, ashes

You light me up like arsenicon the teeth, sparks on slate,rising like the sun. Dawn bredthe start, like an epic. Like a house,we rose it. Wings on a moth,we moved closer. Strong as an oak, sparks – slight static – ignite mothsflying too close to the light of my house.Like that, I am attracted to you.

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The Igloo

When evening comes, a heavy blue has fallen over the valley where we are renting a house. From where I wash dishes in the kitchen, I look out over a wide field. On the far side a stream runs along the base of a small mountain covered in pine trees wearing coats and hats of

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Loss for words

winter, conifers, sunset

For some, COVID-19 meant time and energy; it led to a surge of creative output. For others – and I fell into this category – the pandemic has been stifling. I hid away from the virus in my house, but I couldn’t hide from its invasion as a subject. Every time I sat down to

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Baby birds

egg, bird's egg, shell

Oh, but sing! I have saved another beetle. And a bumblebee, and two inchworms. Ryan and I try to climb the gnarled spruce, The one with the bulbous knot halfway up. It’s sticky. We pretend the sap will hold our palms. Oh, but look. We plant seeds under the swingset in the dirt. On top

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forest, mato, road

The ingá tree drips pods like water running down its arms. At night, the moths lick the clothesline. In the school one town over, the children learn that people drink hot chocolate in the winter (inverno) in the United States (Estados Unidos) where there is also snow (neve). Rainy season falls out the window because

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