Anna Gibbs


My name is Anna McLoud Gibbs. I’m currently one semester into a three-semester graduate program in science reporting at NYU. I graduated from Harvard College in 2019 with a major in English and minor in Psychology. Since then, I’ve worked as a writing advisor, moderator, and product manager at Write the World, interned at Science News, published freelance articles, worked as a barista at my local cafe, and raised an orphaned squirrel.

Getting to Where I Am:

Like most people, my love of writing started as a kid with fantasy stories (Magic Tree House, anyone?) until I discovered poetry in middle school. I spent most of high school and college studying and writing poetry with the great Carla Panciera, Peter Sacks, and Jorie Graham. I’ve taught poetry to high schoolers in Shanghai, China, and I’ve retraced the steps of Anna Akhmatova in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In my senior year of college, I took a class with Michael Pollan on narrative science journalism – something I had never heard of before – and fell in love with it. What better way to communicate truth than through stories? Since then, I’ve traveled to Brazil, Denmark, Saba – and now New York City – to find stories.

What I Believe:

Climate change is real. Even good people care the most when they are personally affected by the issue. Wonder can be found in the smallest and most unlikely of places. Storytelling lets us experience the world like we did as children, seeing everything like it was our first time.
My middle name comes from my great-grandmother Charlotte Taylor’s maiden name, which stretches back to her grandfather Simeon McLoud. He was a fisherman.

I live in the small town of Ipswich near the ocean. It’s a beautiful town full of marshes and salt water. I like to write about plants, sustainability, and scientific curiosities, but my free time consists of bothering my cats and eating avocados.

Bowing not knowing to what,
Anna McLoud